MCM Comic Con 2017 at The NEC

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#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

For #BrumHourJulie Wallis and I were lucky enough to secure press tickets to MCM Comic Con 2017. While I was updating twitter and instagram, Julie was plotting this blog post AND being asked for photos whilst dressed as CATWOMAN!

by Julie Wallis

MCM Comic Con 2017

MCM Comic Con is a highly anticipated event with a fabulous selection of stars from film and TV, as well as comic book artists plus thousands of fans dressed in cosplay outfits.

Where else can you see babies dressed as Supergirl, toddlers dressed as Star Wars characters, teens dressed as Japanese anime and parents dressed as every fictional character known to man from Harry Potter to Star Trek, Freddie Mercury to Daleks and every DC or Marvel character that has every graced the pages of a comic book.


As well as the 20,000 guests expected today, there were a…

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