Council Leader calls for support for Sandwell parks

Warley Woods Bostin Bearwood Park along with Lightwoods Park and the House which is being reopened in June 2017 after £5.3 million of Heritage Lottery Money being spent on it as it dates from 1793 as the home of Smethwick Soap magnate and Black Country businessman Samuel Adkins after whom Adkins Lane to the rear of Lightwoods House in @WeAreBearwood is named….@1truclaretnblu Bearwood Bard AKA Keith Bracey

The Bearwood Blog

Sandwell Council’s leader today urged people to get behind the borough and vote for its green spaces, including Warley Woods, in a national vote that ends at midday next Monday

Councillor Darren Cooper is asking people not to miss out on voting for Warley Woods, which is currently leading the Sandwell charge with nearly 1,000 votes, as well as eight other local sites.

Visit to find out more and register your vote in the Green Flag People’s Choice Awards.

Councillor Cooper said: “Sandwell is lucky to have nine Green Flag-awarded green spaces, including parks, allotments and even a cemetery.

“Warley Woods is leading the way for Sandwell with nearly 1,000 votes cast already and we understand it is right up there nationally, with a real chance of winning this award.

“Let’s all get behind what is a fantastic opportunity to put Warley Woods and Sandwell on the map!


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