Birmingham & Black Country Literary Links – Washington Irving to Dame Barbara Cartland from Edgbaston

Birmingham and Black Country literary links…..from Washington Irving to JRR Tolkien and The Lunar Men…..the “Friends that Forged the Future” in Birmingham and the Black Country…#Bostin #BrummaGEMS


This is an entertaining little interlude I had with Birmingham Mail TV
critic and reviewer Graham Young, cc’d to this note…..

I am sure Graham would be interested in finding out more about your company
‘Guvnor Media’ which helped out with The Public’s current ‘Black Country
Legends Exhibition’ and its interesting piece on AJW and his ‘guerilla
operation’ in promoting singing legend Mario Lanza throughout the Black
Country and its pubs and clubs.

Mario Lanza

As a media professional operating in Wednesbury I thought that Graham Young
and your goodself might be interested in connecting with me being ‘The
Facilitator’ rather than ‘The Equalizer’ a la Edward Woodward (what a
fantastic film ‘The Wicker Man’ is by the way along the same ghoulish theme
to Guvnor Media’s ‘Haunted House’ film about The Manor House in West
Bromwich……….from your home in Wednesbury in The Black Country (from
one Black Country ‘Bloerk’ to…

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