Indian Brewery Company – Breakfast and Dinner

Brill Brummie curries…..and beer you can find at Desi pubs in Birmingham and The Black Country


Out In Brum - Indian Brewery Company - Amritsari KulchaBirmingham has for decades had a love of Indian food, from the humble balti you can eat in Sparkbrook for £4, to the extravagant banquets available at our high-end Indian restaurants like Lasan’s and Itihaas. The Indian Brewery Company now compliment these offerings by adding their street food and beer venue, serving food made by mum, and the family’s own brewery’s beers and lager.

We’ve been a few times now. When we’ve been about town and wanted a nibble but not the faff of a full restaurant meal, it has served as a stop off before heading home. The food is inexpensive and tasty, and the lager refreshing. They also offer breakfast, so we’ve had to try that too of course.

Out In Brum - Indian Brewery Company - Breakfast Naan Bacon EggFor a hungover Saturday breakfast we tried their bacon and egg naan – plenty of bacon and egg wrapped in a fresh fluffy naan bread with some light spice to…

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