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Keith Bracey: Bearwood Born and Bred

We love hearing about the history of Bearwood and what it used to be like living here so when Keith Bracey sent us his ‘Happy memories of a ‘Bearwood Lad’ and ‘Lightwoods Park and Warley Woods’, we couldn’t wait to read it and share it with you.

“I have been associated with Lightwoods Park since 1958 when I was wheeled round the park in my pram as a ‘babe in arms’. I was born in St Chad’s Maternity Hospital further up the Hagley Road towards Birmingham, which is now an office block housing the West District NHS office, and was brought home by my Mom and Dad Les and Dorothy Bracey who had used Lightwoods Park in the late 1930’s before the Second World War when the Merrimans moved up from back-to-backs in Dugdale Street, Winson Green to Poplar Road in Bearwood.

Poplar Road runs from…

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