William Attwood MP and the Birmingham Political Union 1832’s very “British Revolution” The Middle Class get the Vote & not the workers

A “Very British Revolution” William Attwood MP and the 1832 Reform Act “OneManOneVote”


Birmingham MP William Attwood and his Birmingham Political Union nearly caused a very ‘British Revolution’ in 1832 when over 30000 Brummies met at Newhall Hill overlooking Birmingham town centre (for then Birmingham was very much a manufacturing town) to hear this great man of the people and Birmingham Political Revolutionary speak in 1832…..


Troops were dispatched by the then government to the Midlands as it was felt that if the crowd had rioted after hearing Attwood speak an uprising in support of ‘One Man….One Vote’ by the assembled populace may have led to a Revolution in Birmingham.


Luckily for the government of the day the crowd dispersed peacefully and Attwood was ultimately unsuccessful in getting ‘Votes for the Working Man.’The result of the 1832 Reform Act was votes for the British ‘Middle Classes’ and the British Proletariat, the British ‘working poor’ had to wait another generation for another #Birmingham MP…

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