Citizen Khan

Citizen Khan is a much-loved #Brummie character…..a true BrummaGEM


The only ‘REALLY DISGUSTING’ thing about ‘Citizen Khan’ was the stupid ‘Brummie’ accent perpetrated by the actor paying ‘Citizen Dave’ (sic) the Mosque Manager in my opinion….We need to know more about other peoples’ traditions and cultures so I welcome ‘Citizen Khan’ as an important step along that particular road, otherwise Birmingham will become ‘ghettoised’ with people living in ethnic silos in their own suburbs……In London, all races, creeds and cultures live ‘cheek by jowl’ mostly together and there are no particular ‘ethnic’ be it white, black, yellow or brown neighbourhoods. This is patently not the case in Birmingham and until we learn about our neighbours’ culture and way of life we will not be truly ‘One Birmingham’…..a great diverse melting pot of a city….Oh and another thing, the correspondent who criticises ‘Citizen Khan’ for poking fun at (Aktar) Islam (sic again!) saying that there are no similar sitcoms parodying…

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