A continuation of the Bracey Family History after The Gun Quarter

The Bracey Family History in Birmingham Gun Quarter and beyond

BIRMINGHAM Gun Quarter was established in 1630 and my father Leslie Charles Bracey worked there as a teenager in the 1930’s before joining the RAF in 1940 and serving in Bomber Command during World War Two.

My Dad’s Bracey family lived in the back to backs of Lower Shadwell Street in the shadow of Pugin’s magnificent Roman Catholic Cathedral Saint Chad’s with his dad Wilfred Bracey and mom Elsie Bracey nee Freeman whose family had a shop in Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook. Leslie’s siblings were Norman who died in the 1970’s and Edna who is still alive at 89 and living in Redditch.

Leslie Bracey attended Summer Lane School which he left at 14 to work in the Gun trade carrying shotguns to Birmingham Proof House which stands near Birmingham’s Curzon Street Station the terminus of the London to Birmingham Railway built in 1838

The Bracey family moved to Weoley Castle’s Paganel Road following slum clearance in the Gun Quarter in the 1940’s. Edna worked at the Bulpitts Swan kettle factory in Camden Street on the edge of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter for many years.

The Bracey patriarch Wilfred was a carpenter who worked for the Birmingham Public Works Department around the back of what is now Baskerville House.

My dad told me that his dad Wilfred was one of the Public Works Department carpenters who worked on the shuttering for the concrete pedestal/plinth of the sculptor Willliam Bloye’s depiction of the Lunar Men: Boulton, Watt and Murdoch on Broad Street in the 1950’s.

Fascinating Bracey family History

Keith Bracey @1truclaretnblu

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