Two Towers Brewery

I too am a Brummie Blogger and was at the Gunmaker’s Arms last night for the launch…..Mark Arnott-Job is such an engaging ‘mine host’…..My faves are the ‘Dark Beers’: Jewellery Porter and the Birmingham Mild… die for! And if you want another Brill Brummie Dining experience the Gunmakers Sunday lunch is great value….me and the Missus Mary and her 87 year old Dad George all ate a hearty Sunday Lunch for less than a tenner for the 3 of us……Brill value….I had the roast chicken with all the trimmings and Mary and George had the pork roast….I can heartily recommend it…..please follow my ‘Birmingham Blog from Downtown Bearwood’ where you can read my #BrumPoems at: Cheers…..Bottoms up! Keith Bracey AKA The Brummie Bard


When fellow blogger Dave invited me to join him to the press launch of one of Birmingham’s finest breweries I was intrigued .

I had, of course heard of Two Towers brewery but I had not visited the Gunmakers arms where the microbrewery is located at the back of their beer garden.

located at 93 Bath Street the Gunmakers arms is a very traditional old pub, and had it been located in Digbeth or the Jewellery Quarter it would be very hipster and possibly pretentious but as it is, just off the beaten track only 10 minutes walk from Snow Hill station the Gunmakers is a good old honest, down to earth pub that happens to have a talented team of brewers.

The brewery is just at the back of the beer garden, which in itself is a lovely little micro climate and was considerably warmer than the biting cold…

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