Half an hour in James Watt’s Workshop

James Watt – Scottish Engineering Genius from Birmingham #BrumIsBrill

The Iron Room

25th August marks the date of the death of James Watt in 1819, aged 84, at Heathfield, his home in Handsworth. It seemed appropriate to mark this with a transcript of a visit to Watt’s workshop which has recently come to light. The workshop, now at the Science Museum in London, was re-displayed in 2011.

James Watt’s workshop at Heathfield, Handsworth, near Birmingham c. 1902 [MS 2724/2/B/4327] The following description of a visit to James Watt’s Workshop in 1876 can be found in a volume of the Friends’ Essay Society. This organisation appears to have been formed about 1845. The earliest members were Mary and Sarah Lloyd, Thomas and Sarah Scott, John and William Heath, Elizabeth and A.J. Brady, Arthur Albright, Agatha Pearson (Secretary) A.M. Southall, Joseph Clark, William Nutter, Herbert Waldwick, H. Hargrave, G.B. Kenway. The Society was reorganised about 1852 and the earliest surviving essays are from…

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Oldest pub in Birmingham turns 648

THE OLDCROWNDERITENDINBIRMINGHAM #BrumIsBrill #BrumHour #BrumFaves #BummieGEM #BigUpBham #BrummieBard

#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

Photos via Alex for the Old Crown

Birmingham’s oldest pub turns 648

The Old Crown in Digbeth is one of the oldest pubs in the UK and in 2018 it turns 650 years of age. But that’s two years away so celebrate it turning 648 this month! Here are some photos provided to us by the Old Crown.

Their event is on Friday 26th August from 6pm. Check it out here:


No copyright infringement intended. All photos via the Old Crown.

13051562_1773505662882197_1527081124606111337_n Man herding pigs – old crown in distance – 1700’s

tbt Old Crown 1850

img436__the_old_crown_Digbeth Old Crown Digbeth – 1800’s

CI5TjpvW8AAy7M0 Old Crown – Old & New

The Old Crown - 1840's The Old Crown – 1840’s

The Old Crown - Present Day The Old Crown – Present Day

Facts of Old Crown Facts of Old Crown

The Old Crown Cellar The Old Crown Cellar

The Old Crown 30ft well sunken The Old Crown 30ft well sunken

The Old Crown original door The Old Crown original door

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