Shakespeare’s journey to Birmingham

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The Iron Room

Everybody knows that the library holds a copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio. [You didn’t know?! Well then, you should check out the Shakespeare exhibition on level 3.] But how did it come to be in the possession of the library?  To find out the provenance of this important work, I donned my deerstalker and pipe (unlit) to carry out a bit of detective work using the archival records of the Library Committee of the City Council.

The first step was to find out when the first folio came in to the library’s possession.  Each and every item that came into the library from 1879 onwards was given an accession number sequentially from 1 onwards.  The first folio has the accession number 35470.  Knowing this, I was able to check the Location Books (the closest thing we have to accession registers as the actual registers for this period are…

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