My #Birmingham #Chinatown #Poem : Southside Johnnies & Chinatown Jinks


Southside Johnnies and Chinatown Jinks


Down ‘Olloway ‘Ed

To Wing Yip’s Pagoda

Leading the Way

To Chinatown’s lovely odour

A tasty meal cooked in a Wok

At Chung Ying Garden

We’re ‘Ready to Rock’!

Ming Moon Buffet

All you can eat

As you stroll down the Sidewalk

To Brummagem’s Beat!

The Fox, The Hip

The Back to Backs

All open their Doors to

Johnnies in Slacks

Southside’s Silver Rhino

Surveys…… all she can see

From the slate grey roofs above

The many Theatre-goers with Glee!

David Bintley’s Royal Ballet

Formerly Sadler’s Wells

Puts on ‘The Nutcracker’

For many well-heeled ‘Swells’

Every Christmas……..

David’s ‘Glittering Show’

Adorns Chinatown

With lots of fake Snow!

The young Bucks from Elmhurst School for Dance

Apprentice lithe ‘Dancers’ preen and prance……..

The Hip’s huge Stage

The Largest in the Land

Welcomes the UK’s biggest Pantomime

And Plays, Musicals and Bands

That Adorn Chinatown


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