Birmingham: The University of Life is a poem about this Bearwood Lad’s experiences of going to #Birmingham University in another age, way back in 1976! #BearwoodBard




Back in Nineteen Seventy Six

When the Hot Sun baked the broiling Bricks

And Denis Howell MP for Small Heath

Was ‘Minister for Drought’ in the searing heat

He urged us all to bathe together

And not run round ‘Hell for Leather’

I went from Birmingham Grammar School Boy

To the University in Edgbaston with Unbridled Joy

This Bright but Callow Bearwood Lad

Became a Birmingham Undergrad

Studying B.Com in the Muirhead Tower

Where The Paternoster Lifts ran Hour after Hour

Perpetual Motion taking ‘Tortured Souls’

To jump off this Brutalist Muirhead Coil

When Exams in Accounts became too much to Toil

Doctor Peter Cain my ancient Tutor

Urged this Fresh man to use the first Punch-Card Computer

This Student donned a Great Coat and Scarf

And would do anything for a ‘Belly Laugh’

Like Read the Communist Manifesto

At Peter Cain’s educated…

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