Birmingham Bands

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Birmingham Bands

Birmingham Bands a #BrumPoem about the great music #MadeinBirmingham


Brummagem’s Bands


Birmingham has produced the Biggest Bands

With Fabulous Songs and Adoring Fans

Famous in Europe and the USA

Outstanding Music here to stay

Rock from Black Sabbath and Judas Priest

Was Heavy and Loud, to say the least

The Move had ‘Flowers in the Rain’

First Record on Radio One, they claim

Dexy’s sang: ‘Come on Eileen’

The Dance Floor Anthem for Love’s Young Dream

UB40 had a Kitchen with a Rat

While Sabbath’s Ozzy bit the Head off a Bat

The Dutchie was passed by Musical Youth

Duran Duran: ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’

Led Zeppelin climbed a ‘Stairway to Heaven’

The World’s Greatest Band in ‘77

Electric Lights inspired Jeff Lynne

Moody Blues dressed in White Satin

Would Christmas be the same without Wizzard and Slade?

Performing the Music Midlands’ Bands Made!

Keith Bracey  Led Zep and Black Sabbath Fan

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Bearwood Town – A Black Country Poem about my home town

Bearwood Town… poem about my home town of Bearwood on the border of Birmingham and The Black Country


Apologies to Whistling Roger Whitaker and his 1970’s Christmas hit: Durham Town


I aye gunner leave ‘ole Bearwood Town…..

I aye gunner leave ‘ole Bearwood Town…..

I aye  gunner leave ‘ole Bearwood Town…..

COZ  it aye tha sorta place ter gemme darn…..

Councillors Piper, Eling n Jaron

Do soo much fer are Bearwood Mon

Loike Billy Spake

Does fer thee ‘ole Black Countray

Smerrick is Richard Marshall’s patch…..

This local Councillor does Sooo Mutch…..

Fer Bearwood n Smerrick…..

Smethwick in a Stew n Lightwoods Park……and House…..

Juss two of ‘is projects……Ooh worra lark……!!!

I, and others from ‘is Bearwood Crew…..

Did Volunteer…..

Fer Smethwick in a Stew…..

As a fantastic reward fer uz all…..

Who Volunteer fer are Bearwood…..

‘N’……What’s more…..We did Volunteer…..

Fer tha Beer on tha Black Countray Buzz…..

Juss a few yers agoo the Sandon Road “SIX”

Did trundle too n fro…..

With thee ‘Aglee Rowd…

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