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Birmingham’s cultural heritage: Birmingham Hippodrome

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Volunteers help tell Birmingham Hippodrome story as Hippodrome Heritage project Begins

Birmingham Hippodrome was built in 1899 when Queen Victoria was still on the throne and has become one of the city’s most famous landmarks helping to make and shape memorable theatre moments for generations of visitors.

Original silk programme from when the theatre first opened. Original silk programme from when the theatre first opened.

The theatre originally opened as The Tower of Varieties and Circus with a bill which included The Wonderful Brothers Clarke, Little Valdo – the Funniest Clown on Earth and Willie Richardsalias Rabbit. In later years it has welcomed some of the biggest stars in show business from Laurel and Hardy to Frank Sinatra, from Shirley Bassey to The Who and has gained a reputation for attracting the West End’s most famous musicals including Les Misérables, The Lion King, WickedandMiss Saigon

Birmingham Hippodrome has…

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