‘Allo, ‘ allo, ‘allo, what’s all this then?

Did you know PC George Dixon of ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ Fame was named by his creator Sir Michael Balcon in his Ealing Studios Film: ‘The Blue Lamp’ was named after Balcon’s old school George Dixon Grammar School for Boys in City Road, Edgbaston in Birmingham, near to Bearwood….Balcon was a pupil at George Dixon Grammar from 1906 until 1912……..

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We here and read a variety of reports about crime and anti-social behaviour here in Abbey Ward. Well, the police provide a detailed online Ward profile of incidents, including a map which details locations, and you can access the Abbey statistics here.

Of course, the stats only include those matters which are actually reported to the police, which is one of the reasons you are urged to make sure you report incidents. Many people report theft because their insurance company require a log number, but even if it is not acquisitive crime, or you are not insured, it is important to log incidents because policing priorities are influenced by the number of reported crimes in an area.

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