3 thoughts on “Three mistakes we’re still making about Smart Cities

  1. Smart Cities…….How do we make Birmingham a better and more connected and business-focused City?
    Smart Cities…….Marketing Birmingham and Birmingham City Council need to read this as to how we make Birmingham a better, more connected and business focused City, how we solve the skills gap, where approximately 30 per cent of Birmingham job seekers do not have a single qualification to their name……Birmingham needs to become a Smarter, not just ‘Smart City’ in my opinion and how we achieve that goal is the key to Birmingham’s future……HS2 would be a start and the Birmingham and Solihull LEP are talking a great game on that, but it NEEDS to happen if Birmingham is to emerge from its current ‘Jaws of Doom’ scenario as Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore so delicately puts it. For me this city is in a crisis of leadership. It needs to ask Birmingham advocates like Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham to take up the cudgels on Birmingham’s behalf, where it matters in Government in London.Lord Whitby of Harborne promises to do the same, and hopefully those two figures ‘Batting for Birmingham’ amongst others like Gisela Stuart and Richard Burden and Lord Hunt of Kings Heath can improve things and provide some leadership, because let’s face it it is NOT coming from Birmingham City Council as they are too pre-occupied with keeping their head above the rising financial flood waters with problems of their own making, the equal pay claims made by women workers against BCC being just one example. It is no good continually complaining that Birmingham City Council and other Local Authorities does not get a ‘fair crack of the whip’ from the Coalition Government and that it is the end of Local Authorities and Local Government…..it ain’t and the sooner Birmingham City Council realise that, stop complaining and get on with their job of providing some leadership in Birmingham the better in my opinion…………………! Keith Bracey,
    Birmingham Writer, Historian and Broadcaster

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