What’s this all about…….rugby?

The Sporting Regard

Last time I checked, the month of February fell during the Australian summer.

But as an Australian it’s getting harder and harder to tell what is summer and what is winter. In the past we’ve had a few indicators to go off. Is it hot? Must be summer. Is it slightly chilly?  Must be winter.

But with all this climate change brouhaha, you can never really be certain about anything concerning the weather these days.

In any case, you still have the conundrum of what happens when it is hot, but then there’s a cool southerly in the afternoon that makes things cold again?! Even our dear mate Tim Bailey* is left scratching his head.

When the weather-test failed, the tried and tested fall-back option was simple: turn on the TV or open up the back page of the paper and the predominant sports code will let you know…

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