Martin Luther King….a truly great man and Christian……RIP MLK……….

The Birmingham Buff

This year Birmingham is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement. Much will be said and written about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Fred Shuttlesworth and other “brand-name” civil rights leaders. But let me tell you about Marian Jones Daniels, a woman whose quiet actions helped pave the way for others.

Mrs. Daniels plays piano at my church. Her stark white cropped hair is a striking contrast to her chestnut brown skin. She is a thin woman, whom I believe is now in her mid-sixties.  (I’ve asked her to tell me her age, but she has politely let me know it’s none of my business.) Sister Daniels, as we call her, is always sharp in dress.  On a recent Sunday, she had on a suit that reminded me of shark’s skin. She wore a chunky silver necklace and dangly earrings to match. 

I like how Sister Daniels’…

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