Burns was a noted Scottish Freemason, now a force for charity and good, not the ‘Crafty’ organisation it once was…..His ‘Addressing the Haggis’ is a classic piece of Burns and very entertaining in the vernacular……………Great Scot!

The Iron Room

The 254th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns will be celebrated on 25 January 2013.  The Birmingham and Midland Scottish Society has been celebrating Burns’ Night since its foundation in 1888, with haggis and poetry on the menu, and entertainment with pipe music and dancing. One of the early chairmen of the Birmingham and Midland Scottish Society in the 1890s was Alexander William Still (1859-1931), a journalist and editor of the Birmingham Gazette, who had trained in youth as a gun maker in London and Aberdeen.

Robert Burns’ personal connection with Birmingham goes back a further century to another Scottish gun maker. There is a letter at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, South Ayrshire from Robert Burns to David Blair (c.1755 -1814) dated 27 August 1789, about poetry, a magazine Blair had sent him and Burns’ appointment as excise officer. Blair had set up a gun making business…

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