Independent Series by Guvnor Media goes to The Public

Independent Series by Guvnor Media goes to The Public.


Keith Bracey’s new Rugby Show on Internet Radio Station Sports Radio Birmingham at at 8pm on Tuesday evenings.

Hiya Rugby Fans

I am broadcasting a new Rugby Show for all you Rugby Union aficionados out there on Internet Sports Radio Station based in Birmingham Sports Radio Birmingham at:

The show tries to replicate that special atmosphere of a post-match rugby clubhouse, without the beer but with the banter…….Gissa Listen on Tuesday nights at 8pm!


Keith Bracey, Presenter of ‘In the Clubhouse’ the new Rugby Union show on Internet Radio Station Sports Radio Birmingham at

The England Women’s rugby team is coached by two West Midlanders, Ex Aston Old Edwardian’s RFC scrum-half Gary Street and ex-Moseman and Wolverhampton RFC tighthead Graham Smith…..go Girls! Shame you lost your 4 year unbeaten record in the Six Nations to Ireland recently…..come out fighting and prove those critics wrong!

Ralph Lauren is a rugby brand which most rugby aficionados would be happy to wear…..I certainly would team a Ralph Lauren Polo with some RL khaki Chinos and a pair of Ralph Lauren brown loafers………..

You Look Like Her

Jumping a few steps ahead, but really wanted to share this.

Beloved Rugby Cafe and Rugby Ralph Lauren on Wisconsin Ave. recently closed. All this is news to me. Discovered these news today on my way to Down Dog Yoga for a morning energy boost. One thing that makes me be at peace with Rugby shutdown is that when it was open I basked in the sun, while sitting on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue, in front of Rugby Cafe, occasionally drinking Bailey’s on the rocks, people watching and pondering life. Odd, I know. They did have rocking decor, with Aussie flags, rugby matches on plasma TV in the top right corner, as you walked into a dim, wood-paneled insides of this preppy landmark. I never had any particular affinity towards Rugby as a sport, but I was fond of a couple of Aussie players.

Cheesecake was out of…

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What’s this all about…….rugby?

The Sporting Regard

Last time I checked, the month of February fell during the Australian summer.

But as an Australian it’s getting harder and harder to tell what is summer and what is winter. In the past we’ve had a few indicators to go off. Is it hot? Must be summer. Is it slightly chilly?  Must be winter.

But with all this climate change brouhaha, you can never really be certain about anything concerning the weather these days.

In any case, you still have the conundrum of what happens when it is hot, but then there’s a cool southerly in the afternoon that makes things cold again?! Even our dear mate Tim Bailey* is left scratching his head.

When the weather-test failed, the tried and tested fall-back option was simple: turn on the TV or open up the back page of the paper and the predominant sports code will let you know…

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