Gladys Morgan (Chippy resident) becomes Lisa Daniels (Hollywood Star)

Brill Brummie woman who appeared in one of my fave films Dodie Smith’s ‘101 Dalmations’…..a Disney classic of course!

Women in Brum

To my huge delight, my daughter decided to go in to her Y7 school history day dressed as one of our Brimmin.  Gladys Morgan grew up in a Fish n Chip shop and died a Hollywood film star.  The Birmingham Mail wrote an obituary with some great photos.

The text below is the fact sheet my daughter prepared as part of her homework for the day.  Thanks Pippa, you are now officially a blogger…

Gladys Morgan Pageant Profile:

Name/s: Gladys Morgan/ Lisa Daniels/ Lizbeth Keen.

Experience: Fish and chip assistant. The official Miss Birmingham. Dancer in Cinderella, Walt Disney Production ‘101 Dalmatians Hollywood movie star.’

Biography: The star to be, who was crowned Miss Birmingham in 1944, lived the American dream becoming a TV and movie star!

Lisa Daniels was born Gladys Morgan in the backroom of the fish and chip shop, which her mother May had rented in…

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